The Importance of Expectations

The UK Election Results are in – the Conservative Party have the most seats and they are saying it was a successful campaign because they have done better than expected.  But was it really successful?

Look at it another way – they were in government, but didn’t have a majority – so their starting point was a relatively small in terms of seats.  The UK economy is doing pretty well, which they were getting credit for. The opposition leader was widely derided, and his party had failed to communicate a convincing narrative.  And the third biggest party had lost most of its support.  Surely, this backdrop should have lead to a large Tory majority, yet it didn’t. What lies ahead is 5 years of struggling to pass legislation, fearing even the smallest backbench revolt.

In any other election the Conservative campaign may have been seen as a failiure – but because it has beaten expectations it’s seen as a failiure.

Maybe managing expectations is the true key to success.  Perhaps that’s a Career Management lesson too.

Graham @ Henley Careers