(In)Effective Communication

I’m working from home today – I mention this because I’ve been having a carpet fitted and it’s generated an excellent example of how two people can have a very clear understanding of one thing, and yet their understandings differ markedly, meaning the end result falls wide of the mark.

In this case, along with the carpet we were having fitted we asked for a replacement mat to cover the carpet at the doorway.  We showed the sales rep our current mat, in situ, and we said that’s what we wanted, just a replacement for that – he measured it, noted it down, and it was on the invoice too. Some how though things went awry – what the fitters did was cut a hole in the new carpet & drop a coir doormat into the hole.  It’s very practical, nicely fitted & finished, but – and this is the important point – not what we asked for.

It reminded me of a Tree Ladder cartoon I saw a few years ago – click here to view a version of it.

This type of communication blip is incredibly common – so the careers advice bit is to ensure that, whether you are in an interview, working, listening to a lecturer, or talking to your partner – always double check that you share the same understanding, it’ll save a lot of grief in the long term!

Graham @ Henley Careers