The recruiter’s perspective:   8 Ways that job hunting is like online dating

I worked as a graduate recruiter for many years and have been a candidate in a fair number of interviews myself. Both my friends and I have dabbled with online dating with various levels of success. It’s funny how so many similarities exist between looking for a new job and looking for love. Not to make light of either situation, the two are more closely related than you think! Some people even say that looking for a new partner is like being the CEO of your own love life and therefore, dating is like searching for a new job role. When you select wisely, the investment in your time and effort is boundless, when you don’t, you might be lumbered with a dead-end job/relationship that goes nowhere. Both are very stressful and time consuming and both involve putting yourself out there in the market place (whichever market that might be, labour or love or both)!

Sit back, relax and let’s have some Friday fun and see the 8 ways that labour and love align. If you have any comments or feedback, just let me know…

  1. Writing a CV is much like writing a dating profile. No one likes doing it but it’s a necessary evil. You can easily spend ages writing it and get absolutely nowhere and hate what you’ve written about yourself. If you get stuck with writing CVs, get one of the careers consultants to review it, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
  2. Sending applications/first contact messages. All those CV applications and cover letters you have to write. How much time they take, the volume of messages, the rejections or ignored messages. Ever had to send or receive dating profile messages? Urgh! It can be fun if you’re messaging someone you like (much like a job application) but the amount of times the messages go absolutely nowhere, into the black hole of radio silence…
  3. First interview/date requests. You get the phone call or email with a request for the first face to face…maybe you’ve spoken on the phone already but now it’s time to take it to the next level and meet for real. First face to face meetings can be equally exciting and nerve-wracking. How should you dress, what if you’re late, how should you prepare, the list is endless…Phone and video meetings can never replace meeting someone in the flesh. Face to face is always the best way to gauge a person’s body language and responses to your answers/questions….
  4. Going on the first date/interview. You’ve picked out a suitable outfit and now you’re ready. You turn up and wait. If you’ve already checked their profile pic on LinkedIn, you know what they look like already. Do they even look like their photo and what will you do if they don’t? You wait sweaty palmed in the reception area/coffee shop until the moment arrives.
  5. The interview/date. What are your motivations, career plans? Why are you thinking of leaving of current employer / why did you break up with your last partner? Much like those usual dating questions: how long have you been single and why, the banter about common interests to see if there is chemistry…do you have rapport with the interviewer/date… they seem interested in you?

    business meeting
    business meeting
  6. Post interview/date feedback. Did they like you or not? Do YOU like them or not? If you’re not interested, how do you break it off in the nicest possible way? What if you’re rejected? And how long will they keep you hanging until you know for sure? Or do they just disappear, leaving you to work it out for yourself?
  7. Follow up interviews/dates. Now this is the time you get to know each other properly, you get the opportunity to scope them out as an organization/person. Are you a culture fit? Do you see long term progression or is it a short term fling?
  8. Offer stage. Commitment time, the offer is there on the table and time to REALLY figure out if this is the right thing for you. If so, then it’s a good match and you can celebrate the future…if not, then it’s time to move on and start fishing again…

Luisa @ Henley Careers