If You’re Not Moving – Do Something

Today’s blog post is inspired by Slaves’ song Do Something – oh yes, I might be a middle aged man with grey hair & glasses, but I still listen to new music!! (tragic really).

It’s easy to go with the flow, to follow the prescribed paths, to just do what what other people are doing, but sometimes it leaves us feeling stuck & unfulfilled – so ‘If you’re not moving – do something.’

do something

At Uni there’s loads of things available to do – societies, clubs & charities all crying out for new people to get involved – so if something appeals, have a go and don’t just sit at the back, get stuck in.

But if there’s nothing that appeals to you – start something yourself – buying and selling, club nights, knitting circles, dog walking services – it doesn’t matter what – do something.

From a Careers Consultant’s point of view, being proactive is a good thing in a candidate for most jobs, so you are future proofing your employability.  Also, jobs in the area you want might be hard to come by, so you might need to do more than fill in an application form & wait for the offer – practising making things happen for yourself is a good use of your time.

Of course, if you do decide to join a society make sure no one is photographing the initiation ceremony in case one day you become Prime Minister.

Graham @ Henley Careers