Obligatory Leicester City post

My fellow Henley Careers Consultants and I are all studying towards the Henley Professional Certificate in Coaching and one of the first things that the course covers is that coaching is based on the understanding that there is no knowing what an individual can achieve when they have the right mindset.  It’s the role of the coach to help the coachee find and use their mental resources, such as creativity, resilience, and courage.  This also fits in really well with the University of Reading’s strapline – Limitless Potential. Limitless Ambition. Limitless Impact.

Capture1From the outside looking in this seems to be exactly the way Claudio Raneiri & his coaching team have helped his squad to perform.  Players like Wes Morgan, Robert Huth & Jamie Vardy have been good, solid professionals for a number of years but this year they have been the brilliant, performing consistently at levels that few would have believed possible.

The same can also be said for Ranieri himself; indeed the news reports today have kept mentioning that he was sacked by Chelsea 12 years ago because the owner allegedly said that he would never lead a team to the championship.

You have limitless potential too and like the Leicester City squad, maybe what you need is a coach to help you fulfil it.