If it wasn’t hard to achieve, would you still want it?

It’s amazing how many times I’m asked ‘Is it hard to X’ – X can be anything such as get a place on an investment banking graduate programme, switch career from IT infrastructure to strategy management, get a work visa for the USA.

The answer is almost always ‘probably’, and it would be ‘yes’ except that some people just get lucky, and did the right thing at the right time with the right people in earshot.


That’s not because everything is life is difficult to achieve, it’s just that people tend to only want the difficult things – where’s the prestiges, kudos, pleasure, money (delete as applicable) etc. in the easy to achieve?

I suppose the real question is ‘What do I need to do to maximise my chances in achieving X?’. At that point the client can start to visualise their journey from here to there, and really consider whether the destination is worth the effort or not.

Almost everything is achievable if you know the steps to take and are motivated and resilient.  Henley Careers is here to help to achieve.

Graham @ Henley Careers