The Only Certainty is Continuous Change

I guess now that we know that the EU will soon be one nation smaller us Careers Coaches will start getting many more questions about what it means for jobs, and those questions will come from students from both EU & non-EU countries.

question mark.

Of course, we don’t and can’t know what it means in any detail, but what we do know is that all change throws up opportunities.  The question to the individual is whether you are positioning yourself to be able to see these opportunities as they arise, and then willing to take the plunge and embrace them.

Big political moments like the Brexit can seem to be a huge change, but change is continuous anyway, many of today’s career paths didn’t exist 20 years ago, and many new ones will form and grow.  We will all have to be flexible and adaptable whatever happens – the opportunities are & will be there, so all that is left if for us to be open to them.

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