Jack of all Trades

One of our Students – Jack – is currently interning at Grow @ Green Park. He’s blogging for them, so we though we’d share it here too.  You can see the original via this link http://growgreenpark.spaces.nexudus.com/en/blog/read/229656428/jack-of-all-trades

Jack of all Trades

My name’s Jack and I’ve been GROW’s intern for the last 8 weeks…and what a great 8 weeks it’s been!

When I applied for the internship at GROW, the list of the expected projects I would undertake looked like this:getimage

-Marketing campaigns
-Community building activities
-Social Media Campaigns
– Events
-We are totally open to ideas
-Building strong links with University of Reading, and Reading College

For someone who was unsure on what they wanted to do as a career at the time, this was excellent! I got to gain experience in so many different aspects of business. However, the reality of my internship was even broader; in hindsight, Louize should have included:

-Origami (check out the cow’s hats)
-Interior and product design
-Content creation (visual and written)
-Removals (those ‘new’ office chairs didn’t wheel themselves here on their own)
-Construction (…of furniture and ideas boards)
-Accounts management (someone has to safeguard the sweepstake’s prize money)
-Data collation and analysis (yes, I am counting the “this or that” surveys for this!)
-Cross-country travel
-Procurement (of cookies, cakes and coffee from Costco)
-Website design
-Research (a.k.a stalking other co-working spaces for the best ideas!)
-And falling in love with GROW (awwwww)

Not for one moment has my time at GROW felt like ‘work’. If I ever got tired of one project I had the freedom to choose to move onto the next one, or go and have a play with the 3D printers. I have been made to feel as though I was never ‘out of place’, and these 8 short weeks have left me feeling like I’ve been at GROW for years. This is all thanks to how welcoming and inclusive everyone has been to me! The biggest lesson I will take away from GROW is that the people you are surrounded by at work make all the difference, and that growing and utilising that network is a priceless skill to have! Everyone here is so self-motivated and driven, I can’t help but take inspiration from the ‘vibe’ of the place and strive to become as hard-working and passionate as many of the residents.

After an unforgettable 8 weeks with GROW, I am now off to explore the other end of the working environment spectrum with Grant Thornton and KPMG in Business Development roles. Sadly this means an end to my shorts and espadrille days, and a start to a new journey of learning how to iron. Hopefully I can get my ironing skills up to scratch before getting stuck into my final year at Henley Business School and applying for a graduate roles in Marketing/Business Development (GROW has finally helped me narrow down to a career path I want to pursue!).

Thank you to everyone who I have met for being so welcoming and helpful. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the people of GROW and hearing about some great ideas and products. As a kickstart to my working life, I could not have imagined a better place than GROW!


I will be part of the University of Reading Entrepreneurship Society for the next year, so if anyone is looking for a link into the university for whatever reason, please get in touch with me at j.holder@student.reading.ac.uk