Student Blog: Where Does Brexit Leave the Hospitality Industry?

Kate Harding one of our Business & Management Students is currently half way through her Marketing placement with the Kellan Group. As part of her placement Kate formulated a social media strategy and regularly provides digital content for the company. As part of this Kate has written a blog to discuss the impact of Brexit on the Hospitality industry. We have included below to demonstrate what our students get involved in on Placement:


“Where Does Brexit Leave the Hospitality Industry?

The results were 51.9% leave, 48.1% remain. The public has spoken, and it’s time for us to get on with it. One of the main industries that will face the biggest impact is the hospitality industry; an industry that contributes an estimated £57 billion to UK and makes up 9% of total UK employment. So you’re probably wondering, how’s the hospitality industry going to cope?

Ufi Ibrahim, the CEO of the British Hospitality Association (BHA) spoke out about the impact on the Industry, saying “Hospitality and tourism benefits from a flourishing economy and any level of uncertainty will have an impact. The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union is the beginning of a process which could take years”

In total, a quarter of the hospitality workforce is made up of migrant workers, London being the biggest recruiter, with a total of 69% of hospitality jobs being filled by migrants. With the effects of being out of the EU, potentially making it harder to employ migrant staff, hospitality could face even higher rates of hard to fill vacancies and a rise in chef shortages. At present, hospitality wouldn’t run without migrant workers, we rely on them and we need them in order to be successful.

On the flip side, Brexit could see a positive effect on the hospitality sector. Whether it is a rise in the ‘staycation’ or increased foreign travel due to the strength of the pound, there are plenty of opportunities. Brexit has the potential to give a massive boost and the hospitality sector could see a huge a rise in demand from customers as well as new job openings.

Companies will be forced to revisit their hiring and retention strategies. We could be seeing an increase in standards and better relationships. If the industry works hard enough to stop Brexit from affecting it, and uses the time we have until we officially leave the EU wisely, we may actually see a positive impact on the industry. In truth; where does Brexit leave the hospitality industry? It is unanswerable – we simply don’t know. The only thing we can be certain of is that the passion of those working in it will drive them on to make sure they battle to take advantage of any opportunities.”