A Student’s Guide to Placement

BA Business & Management Student, Rowan Taylor, is coming to the end of his placement with Groupe Seb and offers some really useful insights/guide for any students embarking on the placement journey:

a students guide to placement

  1. “Reciprocal interviewing: Applications, interviews and assessments should be a dual process, really consider your compatibility with the role and the company. Give yourself enough time in order to avoid rushing your decision process; a year will go a lot slower should you end up somewhere that isn’t right for you.
  2. Record your achievements: A lot can happen in a year and key experiences can be easily forgotten, so make sure you keep a list of everything you have accomplished that can be used for future reference.
  3. You get out what you put in: Don’t be scared to ask questions, going above and beyond what is required. Network (build your profile) and utilise every opportunity even if it pushes your comfort zone. “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship” (Washington. D, 2017).
  4. Managing expectations: Stop comparing yourself to others! The grass is always greener and no matter how well you do in life there will always be someone appearing to be doing better. In today’s social media bombardment do not be disheartened if your experiences seem inadequate in comparison to your peers, this is not the case.
  5. Review and refresh your skill set: Before starting your placement make sure you polish up any competencies you may have exaggerated in your C.V/interview… (Cough), I’m looking at you “Advanced Excel Skills”.

    Rowan Taylor”