Fashion and Social Media

April, a Business and Management undergraduate, reflects on her placement year:

“For the past 13 months I have worked within the Paid Media division of Marketing, at the fashion retailer New Look.


Despite the challenging circumstances of 2016, the fashion industry remains a key value-creating sector, and a significant driving force in the world economy. In the past year we have seen great digital advancements, resulting in us working harder to keep up with the ever expanding ‘always-on’ customer pool. The smarter shopper is becoming ever more sophisticated, tech-savvy and harder to predict.

Over the past 5 years, Social Media growth specifically has been near exponential, and is now ubiquitously interwoven into our everyday lives. As a result of this, consumers have grown to become more comfortable with digital interactions, and we are now able to diversify the way we approach audiences.

As a fashion brand, we are constantly grappling with the unrelenting fast paced industry. Social media provides the perfect platform to be innovative and reactive, reaching a new generation of potential customers, and the demanding existing audience. Social media’s excessive power allows for mass reach, awareness, growth, and to influence prospective customers at key moments. This is assisted by the population’s primal behaviour and capacity to constantly share, connect and remain aware.

Due to their ability to be impactful, widespread and hold multipurpose communication, digital and social are becoming mandatory for a brands success and growth. In today’s society it is important that brands both develop and grow in line with the opportunities that these platforms provide.