The Importance of Coffee at Work

Alexandra, an Accounting and Management undergraduate who has been working for Travelport during her placement year, considers a particularly important part of the work routine:

“I am a keen coffee drinker. Both the taste and the ability to wake you up.

But over placement I realized that there are other perks from a single cup of coffee:



Although it may seem obvious, it is important that you are punctual to work, meetings and even social events with colleagues. Being late portrays a slapdash attitude and isn’t going to win you any favors.

By setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier, grabbing that espresso to clear that sleepy head and being on time to work – a simple way to show the boss you are keen and committed to your job.



As you queue up to grab that regular skinny latte, you never know who will be standing next to you. It is an easy place to meet and speak to other people in the company whom you wouldn’t usually; allowing you to learn more about the company, build a contact base and raise your own profile.


It is important to stay alert at work, contribute to discussions and being aware of what is going on around you. Coffee can help contribute to this alertness and engagement.

Engagement within your role helps show an understanding of your responsibilities and for me lead to development opportunities.


When workload is high and the pressure is on, you are expected to put in a few extra hours. A cup of coffee can help keep you going through these periods of high demand.

By giving your time to the company, you help relieve pressure on the team, learn to organise a heavy workload and (I found) find pride in the work you achieve.