Life as a PR & Comms Assistant in the Beauty Industry

Charlotte, BA Business & Management,  looks back on her placement year:

beauty“In July 2016 I started at the Quantum Beauty Company (QBC) for a year placement as PR & Communications Assistant. QBC is a brand house that creates, markets and sells cosmetic products in the beauty and grooming industry.

I obtained masses of life experience over the course of the year and saw first hand how a business operates on a daily basis. Although I was situated in the PR department, I got to experience many different functional areas of QBC’s as all departments worked very closely together.

The overall experience that the placement gave me was invaluable and types of experience that I wouldn’t have been able to acquire anywhere else. I was involved in the organisation of a number of events, the successful launch of three new products from different brands, and QBC’s first social media influencer campaign. Along with these exciting and practical aspects of my role, general administrative duties still played a large part of my daily responsibilities. The experience and knowledge that I gained in all duties will definitely aid me in any future job and graduate career.

The two most important qualities that were enriched over the year and will have an impact on my future graduate career, are my confidence and communication skills. I believe that going into the final year of Business Management with relatable business practises and real life experience, will massively advantage my work. I feel better prepared for both the final year of my course, and also life after university.