Quality Over Quantity

Daniel, who is about to return to his BA Business and Management degree following his placement year, offers some advice to those about to start their placement job search: 

quality over qunatity

“Only with hindsight can I say how important it is not to rush placement applications. In the Autumn term of my second year, I had sent out around fifteen and progressed with none. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting anywhere, until I re-read all my applications against the job descriptions. I realised I was being too generic, not tailoring applications enough to suit the specific roles and responsibilities that they required: I was applying for the sake of applying.

In reality, if you are not taking the time to convey to the employer why you are the perfect fit for the role, why would they give it to you? It’s so easy to get caught up in churning out applications that you forget to ask yourself:

“Do I actually want to work here?”

From that point on, I made sure I was only working on one application at a time to focus everything in to making it clear to the employer that I knew the industry, I could confidently do the job, and that I wanted the job. I only sent out four applications in the Spring term, and ended up getting the first one I applied for of those four: International Communications Intern at 2K Games.

The cliché of quality over quantity when considering how many applications to complete is, what I feel, the key to not underselling yourself which, in turn, provides the best possible chance to secure an invaluable year of experience.