Mind the GAAP

Zahra, a BA Accounting and Management Placement Student reflects on her year at Haslers Chartered Accounts:

“As a placement student in a mid tier accountancy firm, no one day is the same. Some days you can be indulged in tasks in the office that increase your understanding of the firm’s internal procedures or at client’s site learning about their procedures adopting the role of auditors.


Six months into very briefly understanding the new UK GAAP FRS102 Standard, I received intensive training into what the standard was. Before this, colleagues would share relevant parts of the new standard that applied to the client I was working on. This highlighted how the industry is always changing and the importance of remaining commercially aware. I was grateful that the firm deciding to give me the additional training as it helped my individual knowledge as well as enhanced the way I worked with clients.

Doing a placement year made me appreciate the firm I have worked for, and the vast amounts of knowledge and expertise I’ve been exposed to by working with a supportive team. Despite the year being filled with audit, accountancy and anxiety; I’ve been able to appreciate all three and have used my anxiety to push me to complete tasks to a better standard and improve on my weaknesses.

Most importantly, doing a placement I have been able to find a firm that ticks my boxes and hope that over the year I have proved that I can make a credible ACA trainee and use the placement as a stepping stone into a training contract with the firm.