My placement year working for a start-up: juggling various roles

Claudia is a Business and Management undergraduate, who has just completed her year-long placement:

“The purpose of my placement year was to gain professional experience to support my degree, learn more about my abilities, and find a preferred role and industry. In February 2016, I accepted a role at Kindred RM, a start-up offering a SaaS based extension to the publishers of existing websites to benefit publishers and advertisers.juggling

I began my placement in July 2016 as an Account Manager at Kindred RM with tasks in marketing support. As an Account Manager, I was required to build and maintain strong B2B customer relationships; maintain regular communication with customers; resolve portal issues and update client pages. Elements of marketing support were used such as monitoring and analysing of traffic data and producing email campaigns.

Over the course of the year, I upheld my position as an Account Manager but also added front-end coding (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) whilst working on the UX and UI of the platform and portal. I continued to work as a ‘middle-man’ between Sales and Marketing and the Development Team – undertaking elements of a role in Product Development. I thoroughly enjoyed this as it included aspects of project management, required attention to detail and clear documentation.

As a result of juggling my various roles, I was able to improve my time-management, organisational and communication skills whilst discovering roles that I hadn’t previously considered. I have taken a greater interest in the Technology industry after working at Kindred RM and plan to pursue a career in Product Management for a software-based tech company.