Industry Insights: Open Data & the Future of Banking


We held the first Industry Insights talk of this term on Wednesday last night; “Open Data and the Future of Banking” with Louise Beaumont, the co-chair of the Open Bank Working Group.

Louise had some fantastic and thought provoking content for us all: new regulations with boring names like PSD2 will have far-reaching and exciting implications for banking, leading to dramatic changes in how customers use banking services.

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Speaking to a few of you after the event and yesterday, it seems that she really got some of you thinking about the future – although not all of you agree with everything she said! Personally, I think that’s great – if everybody agrees, than nobody is thinking if we don’t start thinking while we’re at university, we never will…

Next week we’ll hear from Bruno Duarte, the Portfolio Manager for Copper Street Capital, a hedge fund investing in financial services based nearby in Maidenhead. It promises to be an interesting run through how the finance industry ended up where it is today, from somebody ideally placed to assess the development that are affecting the industry. For those of you planning on working in finance, it will certainly give you an opportunity to develop that commercial awareness that recruiters are increasingly looking for.

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