Don’t Panic

“I wouldn’t have panicked and took the first opportunity that came my way” was the response a current placement student gave me this week when I asked him what he would do differently with respect to his placement year.


This is really important advice at this time of the year, and not just for those students at the end of the 2nd year undergraduate degree looking to secure their placement.

Many of the appointments I have in June are with finalists: people who have reached, or are reaching, the end of their degrees – under-or post-graduate – and are contemplating a seismic shift in their lives and haven’t yet landed a job.  A natural inclination for many is to start firing as many applications off as possible, no matter what the job description says, and then gratefully accepting any offer that comes their way.  Just like the unpopular high school student at the end of the disco in countless teen movies.

So the advice here is to stop, clear your head, list what’s really important to you, and then compare any opportunity, advert and offer to that list.  If all, or nearly all of your list has a tick next to it, then this looks like a great opportunity.  If less that 80% has a tick, then maybe it’s one to pass on.  Review your list on a monthly basis, and before you know if you’ll be excepting a good offer, not just the first one.