Henley Business School has great events and programmes for students throughout the year!

As a Masters’ student, we’re expected to be proactive and make use of every opportunity available and make the most out of our time at the Business School. One such incredible opportunity was providing all the students a chance to attend the Henley Summer Start-Up Boot Camp – a one week extensive programme courtesy of the Pop-Up Business School and the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship, to help students practically work on their ideas and start their business by the end of the course!

Start-Up Boot Camp Logo

My favourite part about attending any organised event is undoubtedly meeting people from diverse backgrounds and networking with them to build lasting relationships! Meeting people in this kind of a set-up is essential because it exposes one to those with a similar mindset and helps one channelling thoughts through stimulating conversations!

Since I was doing my Masters in Entrepreneurship, I felt that attending this course would certainly add to my skills and help me in my future projects. Being an international student, getting such exposure has truly helped me grow as an individual. Moreover, this programme was highly recommended by all our professors.

The 5-day programme was very well structured and was facilitated by the co-founder, Mr. Alan Donegan. The programme was divided into 5 parts:

1. On the first day, we were given key points on how a business could be started for FREE! This session gripped our attention right from the beginning! We learnt interesting techniques and methods on how we could start a business not in debt, but in profit! We were given a set of rules and the interesting bit was to strictly not follow them! We learnt how “selling value before creating it” goes a long way in any business establishment.

2. On the second day, the focus was on sales and marketing and it was strongly highlighted how important making sales is. The key question is where the customer is and what problem the product solves. “Sales essentially is the transfer of enthusiasm from one person to another” is one line that really stuck with me from day 2. By the end of the day, all of us understood that the only dumb question is the one we don’t ask! I noticed how the energy levels had risen and how the level of confidence in the room was sky-rocketing in just 2 sessions!

3. Day 3 was all about building our first website for free! There were 3 entrepreneurs from previous Start-Up Boot Camps who shared their success stories and had started working on their projects just the year before. One of them shared how he managed to get big clients using his first free website which he had created during the workshop. Hearing their story made us feel strongly motivated to start our businesses immediately! The website would prove to be a minimum viable version to launch to idea and test its practicality. We also touched topics like SEO, Google Trends and other such topics.

4. With several live websites, day 4 involved sessions on how different social media platforms served different types of audiences and businesses. We had extensive discussions on how Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram,  LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business and YouTube could be used to benefit different businesses.

5. On day 5, there was an expert panel discussion with the panel consisting of people from banks, law firms and consultancy firms. The floor was open to discussion and by the end of day 5, all of us were left inspired and were all set to begin our entrepreneurial journey with a fresh outlook.

As someone who has taken part in several events held throughout the year, I highly recommend attending as many events and activities which your calendar permits in order to make the most out of your university life!

Attending these events not only helped me learn about different things and understand concepts from different perspectives but also helped me in growing my network!

This year the Start-Up Boot Camp will be held online from 22 – 26 June 2020. Find out more about it here.

Kritika Gupta

MSc Entrepreneurship 2018- 2019, Henley Business School