Practical Digital Business Skills

Henley Business School has partnered with Exactimo, a provider of practical training and tools to upskill its students and boost digital confidence, influence and employability.

Following Exactimo’s digital bootcamp, which was delivered last February to a packed audience on Whiteknights campus, the Careers Service has worked with Frederic, Exactimo’s founder, to bring his new online course, How To Digitally Audit Any Company, to its students.

As Dr Naeema Pasha, Director of Henley Careers and Professional Development, says:

“Work in this current age means we all need to really understand the impact of AI and digital technologies. AI, Data and Digital are increasingly critical parts of all organisations. From health to education, to retail to banking, to marketing – it’s huge! So, it’s imperative that the learners of today – no matter what age or generation – upskill, gain computational thinking and develop their digital skills to prepare for the next wave of technology. This digital mindset will not only further professional development and allow people to be more competitive in a tough job market, skills gained will be seen as being able to boost business productivity and allow for better decision-making. We are delighted to continue our relationship with Exactimo in helping our students get up to speed digitally”.

Frederic, who started his career at Google, says:

“There’s no doubt that the new language of business is digital. Our new course gets people up to speed in the shortest possible time so that they are digitally fluent with concepts, frameworks and tools, and can apply these to any company of their choosing. Exactimo’s aim is to help university career services make their students digitally confident, highly employable and super effective in the new business reality.”

As part of the course, students also get access to unique tools that Exactimo has built, such as Interview Coach, which helps students prepare for interviews, as well as rich resources on how to answer frequently asked interview questions like “What Makes You Unique?”.

So far, the feedback has been fantastic. Hamza Agha, an undergraduate studying Accounting and Finance, says:

‘What I really liked about the course was that it taught me how to optimise digital resources for the marketing of any organisation. It trains you on the practical implementation of digital knowledge and how it can be applied to any firm. I can now apply these frameworks and strategies to any company, whether it’s a start-up of my own or a multinational, which is going to be very useful for me.”

Nikolaos Papathanasiou, a Business Management student, said in a LinkedIn post sharing his course certificate,

“It was a great experience, full of knowledge about the digital marketing world. What made this course very insightful was that it was hugely practical, converting digital knowledge into a tremendous asset which can be applied to any business.”

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