Destroyer of the first page!

Can making mistakes be a good thing?!

Have you struggled with making a start on an application or assessment? Or even an important assignment? You are not alone! When I was an art student (many moons ago) I always used to struggle with adding anything to a new sketchbook. The concept of keeping the sketchbook in this perfect condition, and never doing anything I wasn’t 100% happy with was completely debilitating!

Keeping it as anything other than a clean, crisp, mistake free thing was horrible. I put so much pressure and took so much time, on making sure that the first thing to go on that crisp white first page was perfect, halted any kind of creativity or productivity.

My lecturer once said to me, the best thing to do is completely DESTROY! the first page, RUIN IT! I have now gone on the term my initial state of immobility; “new sketchbook syndrome” it dawned on me, once the “first page” has been ruined you felt free to be creative again, to add whatever you wanted to the sketchbook. Once that first “mistake” has been made the pressure is completely lifted.

This is a lesson I’ve have tried to take with me in later life, in my career and personal life, never be scared of making the first mistake as it can stop you from actually doing or creating anything. Ruin the “first page”, if it is writing, creating something or any situation at all, allow yourself to make that first mistake. The quote: “write it, then make it good” hits the nail on the head, allow yourself to do something terrible, once that first step has been conquered you can only get better. The most important thing is just to make a start, then go on the do something great without that pressure of instant first time perfection, debilitating you from actually doing anything in the first place.

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