Worried about entering certain industries, especially after COVID?

Are you worried about the future of certain industries, especially after the impact of COVID? Around 24% of the UK workforce are at risk because of COVID and its lockdowns. 

The pandemic is likely to result in some existing roles disappearing and new ones emerging, it has also shown businesses that they can be flexible and adapt to hybrid working, which will probably stay in place for most companies and be a positive consequence of the pandemic. 

A few sectors are thriving as an outcome of the pandemic, for example, more people are using technology and are swapping to bigger shops, including supermarkets and clothing shops where you can buy online.

Lisa Chow, one of our career consultants, has offered their perspectives on the situation students will be facing when they graduate:

“I can understand the concerns especially when we are seeing the uncertainties in some industries as a result of COVID-19. However, we also need to recognise that one thing that COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is that there is no certainty in any industry. We live in a complex and dynamic world that is constantly changing. The question we need to ask ourselves is are we reacting and making career decisions for ourselves out of fear?”

It is natural for students to be apprehensive about joining industries that have shown a vulnerability when it comes to COVID, and now even with the roadmap being postponed, no one knows when we will be officially back to normal. 

Over 80% of students have claimed that they are now worried about job prospects due to the COVID outbreak, with the main 2 reasons being the worry of finding a job, then the worrying about earning enough to live off and paying back your loans.

Lisa Chow went on to say that “whilst the pandemic may have given us the impression that some industries are facing the brunt of the impact, there are also opportunities within those areas. Jobs and even work arrangements that in the past may not have been thought possible, are now changing. Focus on what is emerging for ourselves in terms of the process on this journey as we discover and learn more about what is happening in the world of work. We are constantly changing, the world of work is also constantly changing. Experiment with different ideas, reflect and be ready to change your plans along the way. Get curious and stay open to different roles, organisations, and sectors that you may not have thought of before. We are all unique and your path will be as well.” 

Overall, it is important for students to not get overwhelmed, the pandemic has hit every single person across the globe so a lot of people will be feeling the same panic as you. 

Try to create some back up plans if you don’t get the job of your dreams, try and be open to new sectors or positions that you might not initially think is for you. Remember that the fragile economic state we are dealing with is temporary, and that large businesses have been making arrangements to counter for the shrinking job market. For example, PwC cancelled its summer internship programme but has offered alternatives, such as a larger intake into their 2021 graduate programme. Although right now with fewer job vacancies and more people applying, it is essential that students remain motivated, keep an eye out for opportunities and are doing everything to better their CV. 

You can always book a careers appointment with our Career Consultants to discuss where you could be applying for jobs, how to make your CV better or perhaps extra courses you could be taking!