How to Keep Going in the Search for Your New Job

Job searching can be a full time job in its own right. It can also be hard, long and painful at times too. But here’s the thing… every time you take a step forward, every time you tailor your CV for the next job application, volunteer for another opportunity to build your experience, meet another contact for coffee to grow your network or get down to the last 3 at interview (again!), you are one step closer to finding the right job for you. Continue reading How to Keep Going in the Search for Your New Job

When is it okay to follow-up with an employer after an interview?

To chase or not to chase, that is the question. A common dilemma for students going through a recruitment process is the issue of when and how to follow up with an employer if they’ve said they’d do something but haven’t quite delivered on that. But what kind of promises are you hearing? “You’ve passed the video interview, we’ll let you know within a week … Continue reading When is it okay to follow-up with an employer after an interview?

Keep on keeping on

So the holidays are over, the new year has begun and we’re back to work/academia.  For some there will be renewed energy, either in their current work, or to make that change that they’ve been putting off ad infinitum.  There are lots of articles focusing on those people. For many of us though work will seem more a less of a trudge, the same-old-same-old, that … Continue reading Keep on keeping on

Coping to Achieve Contentment

At a recent informal managers’ forum I noticed that the discussion wasn’t around strategy, tactics, achievements or success, it was about coping.  The discussions were around managing within the maelstrom of stuff that happens in our VUCA world.  And what were they aiming to achieve?  Happiness? Self-actualisation? No, something that “would do”, that was “OK”, that they were “content” to accept, that were the results … Continue reading Coping to Achieve Contentment

Ready for anything

On Wednesday I was in the audience at a conference when my excellent colleagues, Dan & Sarah, presented how Henley Careers helps post-graduate students achieve their career goals.  One of the pillars of the strategy they talked through was Enabling Professional Readiness. But what is Professional Readiness? Is sitting at your desk, twiddling your hair & watching last night’s Love Island on your PC professional? … Continue reading Ready for anything