Henley Professional Development Certificate

Applications for the Henley Professional Development Certificate have now closed.

To support Henley Business School students graduating in the summer of 2020, we created the Henley Professional Development Certificate (HenPDC).

The HenPDC provided newly-graduating students with a framework to hang all the non-degree activities they were involved in on to and to gain credits for the learning and professional development tasks that they undertook over the summer months.

The programme ran from 8 June – 18 September. We hope to be able to offer this again in 2021.

Participant reflections on the HenPDC…

The certificate has helped me in getting engaged in an exercise evaluating your interests and values. It helped me to gain confidence amidst the current global crisis. It has been an incredible term of learning. I am delighted to have completed this exercise within the time frame provided by Henley Business School. I feel like I am much more prepared now for my career, which was not the case before completing this exercise. It has changed the way of my thinking positively and also has given a great exposure to the corporate world. I really enjoyed networking session by getting to know people working in different organisations, how they were at their initial stages and how their growth was.

Drained from the anxiety of at home exams and the lack of control over the situation, I emerged from completing my studies feeling lost. Embarking on a search for a graduate job seemed a daunting prospect, with increased competition for fewer roles. However, upon reading an email detailing the Henley Professional Development Certificate I signed up immediately. In a time of uncertainty, it gave me something to work towards, my first steps to getting back on track.

The beginning of my summer was very confusing and difficult for me, I was feeling unproductive; I did not think of something productive to do. This was something very overwhelming for me because as an individual I make sure that I use my time valuably.
As the summer passed by I gradually started to find new opportunities & experiences such as virtual internships, job applications, preparing for interviews, getting my career started, thinking about my next steps, helping out with the family business and most importantly work on myself and that is what I am most proud of.

When I first read about this programme, I was feeling very motivated to participate because I had already done so much of it, I was also excited because it allowed me to try out new learning experiences etc. LinkedIn learning and career smart. This programme also gave me a sense of achievement and self-development even through this difficult time.

Any questions about the HenPDC? Please email us: henleycareers@henley.ac.uk