Why take the Henley Professional Development Certificate?

We’ve purposefully created an incredibly flexible framework, meaning that no two participants will have the same experience.

Reasons to get involved:

  • Find out how to take stock of where you are, and where you want to get to
  • Find out how to put new plans in place
  • Get help in finding a starting point for your career
  • Get help finding out where you want to get to in your career

What do students say?

The time frame allocated for the completion was three months, but I managed to be fast and do it in a single month due to the nature of interesting activities that I have encountered.

This opportunity made me start networking and discovering the career/job application process. It motivated me to do more and begin new activities. During the completion, I also attended 3 virtual internships on Investment Banking which gave me a clear overview about the industry.

I am grateful for having the chance of earning all the 100 credits for my activities and I would like to say a big thank you to Henley Careers & Professional Development for continuously motivating students.

Catalina Coslet, MSc Investment Management

What do employers say?

“By demonstrating you are taking the initiative to plan and invest in your own development, you’ll be highlighting yourself as a problem-solver who is committed to skill acquisition. If you are looking for a position in a new company or indeed happy with your current employer, professional development can help you realise your dream job, while discovering new skills and consolidating prior knowledge on the way.”

Sharon Lymer, Recruitment Manager, BMW

“Finding a job has never been more competitive and employers are increasingly looking for applicants that distinguish themselves from the rest of the field. If someone can demonstrate that they’ve invested in their professional development, it shows that they are committed to upskilling themselves and bringing their best to a future employer. The HenPDC provides this opportunity – it will give participants the edge!”

Joe Barrs, Project Professional Roc Technologies

“You spend a long time in work, so ensure that you are the best that you can possibly be by continually investing in your own professionalism. There is nothing better than walking into client situations with confidence, knowing that you’ve put the effort in to be the master of your own craft”

Ian Richards, Director, Business Analysis, Capita

Who might this benefit? 

Please note – the following are fictional examples, not real people:

Now that she’s completed her MBA, Susannah is looking to leverage her new qualification to work in more senior roles. She sees the Certificate as the ideal way to focus the planning she needs to do, especially with its emphasis on networking as she knows she needs to do more of that, but needs a push to prioritise that because it’s not very enjoyable for her. She also wants to use the time to work 1-2-1 with a Henley Career Coach on the behaviours she’s looking to change so she can operate at the more senior level.

Susannah – Executive MBA

James is very comfortable with networking, and does a lot of that but often misses reflecting on, and making the use of the benefits of, the last set of people he met. He also tends to avoid planning for the future, so he’s really keen to follow the programme as it’ll help him move out of his comfort zone and focus on those areas he normally avoids. He knows that there’s still lots of opportunities in the tech industry, so he sees the activities in the Certificate as a stepping stone to securing one of them.

James, MSc in Information Management – Big Data in Business

Malak’s parents are both having to self-isolate due to ongoing chronic health concerns, which means she’s having to look after her younger siblings, her parents and keep an eye on her grandparents too. She still wants to spend some time focussing on her future though, and sees the Certificate as being a great way for her to remind herself that she’s still building to her future, plus she loves working to a target so agreeing a plan with a careers coach will give her lots of motivation to commit to the experience.

Malak – Graduating from BSc in Finance and Investment Banking